Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Wedding Manager

I got a call from my friend's wife, to have coffee. This was weird as I have met her all of two times, and both times with her boyfriend in tow. This time, it's just us.

We meet at a Starbucks. I'm nervous. I'm married, without kids, but tend to hang out with guys more than girls. This leads to a strange assumption that there is something more than friendship going on. Well, maybe sometimes it isn't so strange, but by and large, it's completely harmless. Still... I'm nervous meeting her.

It's three o'clock on a Thursday. After we get our drinks (she gets a Grande Non-fat Caramel Frappuchino w/o whip. I get a medium roast with 2%.) and sit down, she avails me of my fears, but adds a heaping helping of new ones.

"I bet you're wondering what this is all about, hu? Well, I want you to be Mike's Wedding Manager."

"Oh!" I was pretty sure they were affianced, even though they hadn't really made a big deal out of it. It would be the second marriage for both of them. "What's a wedding manager?"

I had worked for a number of years as a wedding coordinator, which is different than a wedding planner, but the wedding manager was something new.

She sighed. "I have a confession to make." Oh boy.

"I'm actually quite wealthy. And, it turns out, we need to have three weddings. One here, one at our retreat environment in Arizona, and one in Australia where my Dad's from."

"Oh!" I exclaimed again. "I see," but didn't.

"We worked it out, and there will probably be 400 people at each party." I assumed 'we' did not mean her and Mike. "I haven't told Mike yet. He's going to freak out. I need you to manage him. I also need you to help with the communication."

"Like to the guests?"

"Yes. And my family, and my Da's friends. There are some, oh I guess you could call the contingencies concerning the program we all use to sync our calendars. Mike does know a thing about that, but he hates it, so I thought, since you two used to work together and I'm pretty sure your knowledge is on par with his, you could take over that part."

I wasn't exactly clear on what she was inferring, but I nodded. I liked Mike, I liked her I knew my stuff (although maybe not on par with him the technology part, at least I could add my planning prowess) and over everything, I was a first child, and therefore, a pleaser. I wanted to help.

If only I had known....

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