Monday, February 16, 2004

First off, let me invite you to submit to my 'zine "Belle Lettre":

Please send stuff by March 1, 2004.

Okay, now let me tell you a little story about donuts:

I am sitting here munching on Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. They are not the best donuts in the world (those come from Bloedoe's - rhymes with playdoughs - in Winona, MN) but they are pretty good little gut bombs. I was walking through the grocery store with my boyfriend, who had coasted his way through Vallentine's Day this year, looking for a treat. I had told him not to get me candy because I was getting him candy and then we would have too much candy. Plus, he always gets the Russel Stover box of carmels from the drug store, and I hate carmels. Anyway, so I got him chocolate covered strawberries from Mally's here in Lakewood, OH and a tiny little box of European chocolates from Sweet Designs, also in Lakewood (both had been featured on Food Network). He didn't get me anything. Which is okay since I ate most of the chocolates and can now hold it against him whenever I want something. But he felt like getting me a treat so we walked around the grocery store and I saw some new glazed donuts made by Entemen's and thought, "since I have off on President's day, it would be nice to wake up to donuts." So we walked around a little more and I finally decided nothing would make me happier than donuts so I went back to get them and they were GONE! I was pissed. But it worked out because I walked a little further and found the Krispy Kreme display and they had glazed donuts and they also had a tiny little box that held just six which I thought was nice. So that's what I got and that is what I am eating right now. Hey, at least it's not more chocolates :)

One more thing, my eyeballs are fogging up and I think I might be going blind. It's not so bad except that I have a bit of a headached (I should go take something for that) and it is making my plans for the day a bit more difficult. I have been sick with pinkeye all this long Vallentine's day / President's day weekend - the nieghbors made me chicken soup yesterday(so nice!). Yesterday was the worst but today is pretty bad too. I forced myself up at 9 a.m. and took a bath (my sickness ritual to steam the crust from my eyes and nose and throat.) Then I had some porrige, coffee, the aformentioned donuts, and grapefruit juice. I also took some vitamins and some herbal stuff my aunt gave me. I excercized half-heartedyly with Denise Austin and tried to settle down here at my computer to finish my "Ravenshead Betrayal" story. But my eyes are going all crazy. So then I was like, "well, I can read a little" but you need your eyes for that too! So my other plans include: make bread (I'm not feeling very well though), go to the library (a walk might do me good, or it might do me worse), go to sleep (I did that yesterday), do laundry (I don't have that much to do), play video games (ug...) ... bleh.

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