Sunday, April 18, 2004

Interesting quote from a website:
"Although California has the reputation of being the Garden of Eden when it
comes to all things grown and consumed in this country, the truth of the
matter is, our little patch of earth here in the Cuyahoga Valley is far
superior to much of the hardscrabble dirt that farmers originally had to
contend with out west.

"What people don't understand is how wonderful and what a great nutrient
source the earth is in this whole valley," says Donita Anderson, director of
North Union Farmers Markets. "Compared to California, which is really a
desert, and where they had to build up the soil, the soil here is wonderful.
You can taste it in the flavor of the product. You'll never get a green bean
in California to taste like what it tastes like here. The same for

HAR HAR - Take THAT you self righteous suckers. Ah, that was very hypocritical of me, but I DON'T CARE! California has way too much sun, land and sea for its own good. Too many tan, athletic people, smog, polution, and factory farms too.

Sigh... Anyway, as I stumble along, trying to decide, as Spiderman, what my powers are best used for, I am struck by the incredible complexity of EVERYTHING and the OVERWHELMING need to concentrate and simplify. That is, I as a middle class single person, I can weigh the pluses and minuses of a.) spending money on material goods to improve my life, b.) giving money away to organizations I have researched and believe in oe c.) hording my money and waiting until I have enough for a house, a farm or an island all to myself. Or, my car blows up and it all goes to that...

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