Thursday, April 29, 2004

"Some Digestables from Yours Truely"

Here are some Nevada Barr books on tape -
Endangered Species - Cassette read by Cindy Williams
Ill Wind - Cassette read by Joannah someone
Deep South - Cassette read by Gabrielle (bleh - bad reader!)
Hunting Season - CD Barbara Rosenblat (good reader!)

Here is a link to a local theater group who are somehow atached to the park system:

Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
May 6th to May 30th
A Cleveland area favorite.
Come experience life, love and so much more through the passionate and
profound songs of Belgian songwriter Jacques Brel. This show is a powerful,
intimate, bold and emotional evening of theatre.

Funny Money
Jean is preparing a birthday dinner for her mild mannered accountant
husband. When he arrives, he is not quite himself and suggests they emigrate
to Barcelona! The reason? Henry has found a briefcase containing #735,000!
Here is another riotous comedy from the pen of Ray Cooney, author of Out of
Order and Run For Your Wife.

Little Shop of Horrors
Anything Goes
I hate Hamlet
Catch me if you can
Christmas Carol

Auditions: Anything Goes
Director/Choreographer: Monica Olejko
Musical Director: Josh Senick

Monday, May 17 7:00 PM
Tuesday, May 18 7:00 PM

I Hate Hamlet
Director: Chuck Tisdale

Monday, July 26 7:30 PM
Tuesday, July 27 7:30 PM

Catch Me If You Can
Director: Tom Castro

Monday, August 23 7:30 PM
Tuesday,August 24 7:30 PM

A Christmas Carol
Director: Tom Meyrose

Tuesday, September 7 7:00 PM
Wednesday,September 8 7:00 PM
Independent Media for a variaty of cities

Donnie ate my pizza!
how mean!

I have to go to work soon
and it is 80 degrees out - how unfair!

I have a dentist appointment at 8:30 tomorrow morning
How horrible!!!

My pick for the 130th Kentucky Derby -
Lion Heart

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