Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Do I have interest in the Biscut Fire Recovery Project? My email says I do.
Do I have an interest in living my life online? Naw, not really. I enjoy sleep, glorious sleep. Therefore, between two jobs and my spastic creativity which can't decide when it's inspired to write a novel or draw a silly picture, and the fact that I still like to drink beers and don't want to turn into a dumpling (more than I already am, at least) which makes me need to take walks and such, and paired with the multitude of fun things that go on in this town (such as store closing clearance sales - bwaaaa!!!!) Be sure to get in there and buy buy buy :( , I really am not willing to dontate my time to clickin around the net.

Still, here I am with a new found hobby. And in need of a light table. An in need of something that doesn't roadblock my images! Grrr...

An itz zo hot here that my mouse is sticking to the desk.,..

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