Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fork rhymes with Dork

I don’t have enough beer in the house. Make mine Mysty!Crap crap crap. Are you an addic if you don’t want to eat beacuase it will ruin your buzz?Yeah. Or you’re a conservationist in that you don’t want to WASTE yor buzz. The cig burns my eyes. Well mu eye (right) Damn alaive, Oh and Iimprovize4 a ash tray with a sizzors and a flowe pot!!!! I had to switch to tobacco because I’m out of eer. Urp beer. Andte REELY funny thing is that I’m reading LAURALS KITCHEN!

/Much is wrong with hippies. There is a reason they FAILED. I want to write a book abvout failor. Shal I switch to wiskey or wine being that I am out of beer?Shal I spin around as to make my self dizzy ./?

Once upon a time there was a great thing called Artechiaks. This stupid old issue of Wine and Food I have has no recipes or pics of food - only restaurant reviews ARFGGGG! Do people who drimkl wine, do they ant to get a buzz or do they just want to savor? Te less I drink, the more I taste the tobacco and the less my throat is ]numb to the burn.

Learn 40 words of French in 18 hours

Say “Delish” becausre ? I cant spell Delishours.

Fork rhimes with Dork Tye Pennigton.

Are the Cohens involved with King ot the Hill the asm as the movie Cohens?

No meat is more delish than meat.

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Kristina said...

OMG, I am literally LOLing! AHAHAHAAAA! I hate that it shows the time but not the date you posted stuff on here. Was that old or new? (I just clicked on your link from your comment on my blog, I'll have to research more, but I thought I had read your whole blog to date). Anyway, thanks for the laughingks! I chortle. Oh, and I HAVE LOST TWENTY POUNDS! I was weighed today. WOOTZ!