Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Cleveland List

Monday 2/27/2006 cont.

We both had a list of things to do in Cleveland Ohio before we left. Donnie’s went something like this:

- Eat at Players

- Go to the Agora (he didn’t achieve this one)

- Don’t make a long list of things to do before leaving Cleveland

Mine was more like this:

- Eat at Players (a fancy restaurant just down the street from us that we had avoided for two reasons: 1. They served pizza, which seemed pretentious for a fancy restaurant, and 2. no one we saw through the windows at any time in the 6 years we lived their ever seemed to be eating anything. They drank wine, they looked at bread and salad, sometimes they had dirty dishes in front of them, but we never saw anyone actually eating. And, when we did finally eat there on Feb 9 for my visiting Aunt’s birthday, the food was delicious, but we still didn’t see anyone around us eat. Bizarre.)

- See Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall

- Throw a giving-away-all-our-stuff party (one of the best ideas I had, if I do say so myself. I encourage everyone to try this, perhaps after a rummage sale. Invite all your friends over to watch movies, eat pizza, drink beer and haul away any stuff they want before you donate the rest to Goodwill.)

- Eat at the Winking Lizard (I will so miss those Buffalo Chicken Salads)

- Go to Dave and Busters and use up all our points (sort of like a Show Biz Pizza / Chuck E. Cheese’s for adults. We got a corkscrew that broke on our way home. )

- Make soap (see Mon. Feb. 20 entry)

- Get Winter Issue of Belle Lettre ‘zine published and distributed (albeit very late)

- Get the radio in my car fixed (I had a tape player in there that stopped working, and so I tried to get Toyota to fix it. They couldn’t without replacing it for $300, and so I just bought a new Panisonic CD player for $160.)

- Go to the dentist

- Get a tattoo

Some things I did plan for that didn’t happen: visiting my friend Jessie in Michigan. Why it didn’t happen? I was called for JURY DUTY. Gag.

Anyway, as we were driving away from Cleveland and everything we knew, there was a lady on the radio raving about the Agora - one of the few things on either of our lists that we missed. Go figure.

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