Wednesday, March 08, 2006

To Do: Spackle Kitty Closet

Sunday 2/26/2006 -

We picked up some road snacks today. I told Donnie I needed something salty, like Chex Mix and he picked out Cheezits for me. I don’t like Cheezits because they don’t taste like cheese, but the bigger problem here was the fact that this is what he picked out for me (he bought Pizza-flavored Combos for himself.) Was this a sign of things to come? Did we perhaps not understand each other after a relationship of nighon incomprehensible Idontwannathinkaboutit years (letsay we’ve been together since highschool)? As I desperately reached to come to some understanding of what this might mean, I looked closer at the box and realized it was Cheezit Party Mix. Oh.

I guess we’re okay then.

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Lu said...

Ahh, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaa! Hee, hee.... party mix. Aw. That entry made me laugh out loud. I never pegged you to be so neurotic. It's cute! Ha, ha! And funny!