Saturday, September 22, 2007

Goat Stuffs

Recap of Goat Day


Goat Day was held in Wilsonville OR (the town I work in) on August 25th. Every year, Metro, the park system, brings in around 400 goats of various types to eat invasive plants. This year they decided to let people come and watch! They chose a semi-wetland area (kinda squishy ground) that had lots of overgrown English ivy and blackberries, fenced it in, and let the goats out. Here are some photos:

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Donnie finds the goats.

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The goats spy us.

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Ooooh. Sneaky goat!

My Christmas Vacation - a Sheep Story
By GoatMaiden

When I went to Wisconsin for Christmas, I got to tour a sheep farm. It was fun. It was very cold but there was no snow. My aunt Jean and I met Brenda and she showed us around. I don't think Brenda likes sheep. She likes sheep cheese though. And I think she likes the money she makes from sheep cheese - it is $23 / lb. We stood in the cheese cellar. It was neat.

So that was my trip to the sheep farm. I was dissapointed that I dind't get to pet a sheep.

tha end.

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