Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of the year

I had a dream last night about a mass murdering bigfoot that kills you after you talk to him or something (on the phone). A girl sold DMV and I a couch and then her friend (a guy) dies from Bigfoot attack. He calls her on her cell at a party. He can't kill her until she passes the phone off to one of us (me) and when I get the phone he says on the other end "I guess it's Julie (the girl who sold us the sofa)." DMV and I flee as murder takes place. But when we return, Julie has sold our purple couch and got a new one (flowered, thin arms).

Our idea for New Year's feast was a bad one, but well executed! My parents, aunt, and significant others all converged to create appetizers to nibble on throughout the night. I chose to make sushi
and by jingies, Woodman's grocery had frozen edamame (soybean peas). I made ebi sushi, sunomono (cucumber in mirin), I was lacking in pickled garlic - we had thick slices of jarred ginger which just wasn't the same as the pink thin slices most people are use to. I also made some crab salad sushi and some California rolls. But the best was some tiny onigiri made with tuna salad and wrapped up with soy wrappers (like the ones in the pic below) - they were so yummy! I added a dash of soysauce to the tuna and it was great.

However, overall the event was sort of "fail" because some of the other treats (all EXTREMELY tasty on their own ) were Texas caviar (chunky salsa) , lil' smokies BBQ winers, and cheese and crackers -- so we all ended up with indigestion! There's fusion gone too far...

The other thing we did today was get a laptop for my parents! We went into town to Best Buy (they had visited there a few times and talked with people, along with doing a bunch of outside research so they were ready) and they got a Compaq for about $600. All together w/ virus protect, software etc. it came to about $1000. I think my Dad still thought that was too much but really, most new laptops alone are $1500+ and I pointed that out to him. One thing he figured out was that you don't need a battery back up surge protector when you get a laptop since the laptop will already have a battery in it.

He took a nice pic of me and mom before we left for town - the night before had been misty and so in the morning, every branch was covered with hoar frost. Awesome.

We actually stayed up till past midnight and drank champagne and played Trivial Pursuits into the new year.

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