Saturday, December 29, 2007

Travel Day

Donnie and I got up at 4 a.m. so that I could shower, dress, gather my things and we were out the door towards the airport at 4:35. We got there, he threw me out of the car, and I began my journey.

Saturday, December 29, 2007 –Flight – Portland to Minneapolis to Milwaukee
Pick up rental car
Drive to Hilton hotel

I feel really good.

The ever-so-slight headache that I had (probably just from waking too damn early) has gone. I took some Zicam to stave off any sickness on the start of my adventure and drank some water to which I had added some generic Airborne – fizzy citrus supplement – to (wow, is that the most split infinitive you have ever seen?).

Ok – now I’ll say a little bit about crazy people. There seems to have been a lot of crazy people going on rampages and killing people lately. The school shooting, mall shooting, Amish milkman massacre, the guy with the fake bomb who walked into Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters, the family feud that ended with 6 dead in Washington state. I think we don’t necessarily have to worry about our kids playing video games with hidden sex scenes, or allowing the general public access to violent films, we have to worry about the growing number of mental illnesses in that general populace. My mom pointed out that teenagers go through a sort of madness of hormone poisoning that really does make them unable to control their thoughts and actions. And it’s these people, who have determined that violence is the best option for dealing with problems of this world and this live that are really messing it up for the rest of us. I don’t know if this is due to the affluence of our society, the division between rich and poor, the availability of guns or what (all things noted above except for guy with fake bomb involved guns). And I don’t know what to do about it.

Speaking of fake incendiary devices, I can’t believe my soap was not confiscated by security. It looks like plastic explosives wrapped in duct tape (I was pretty proud of my packing. Below is a pic of the only two bags I had to live out of the entire 10 days.)

I sat next to the sensitive man from Family Guy on the plane ride from Portland to Minneapolis. “Yay! Mayor Bee! Mayor Bee!”

I flew from 6 a.m. – 8 a.m., a four hour flight with a two hour time difference. From the sky, the streetlights form constellations of their own. While flying over Montana, I saw a tiny little spot in the foothills with a square of cleared space around it. I sent that person, out there in that empty wild land my love from above. I wonder if one of the planes I waved at as a kid ever had someone aboard who ever sent their love to me?

I will never take flying for granted.
I am always humble.
I am always amazed.

Later - - Now I am right next to the jet engine on the flight to MKE (Milwaukee). I smells like hot sandwiches on board. The flight attendant has a great voice. Accent Midwestern cool.

8:22 P.M CST. Car gotten (Blue Chevy Cobalt)
Hotel checked into
Dinner time

I just ate about 1/3 of a Solly’s Grill Cheesehead special
(hold the onions.) It was frightening. I heard about it from this website: . 4 meat patties - and they weren’t even that tasty. What was tasty (and composed most of what I ate) was the can of warm mushrooms covered in two types of cheese that topped it, and part of the lower bun which was completely saturate in butter. The fries, crinkle cut and very potato-y, were crisp, hot and unsalted. Thy also almost soaked their way out of their paper bag with grease. Below is the half eaten burger and what my hand looked like after picking it up *yes. that's grease.

The chocolate shake was exactly the right consistency.

Note: They serve you beer in bottles w/o a glass at the bar at the Hilton here with out even asking! I'm home!

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