Saturday, January 05, 2008

Caturday: Costume = Satsuki from My Neighbor Totoro

Saturday dawned with much more fun and frivolity in store. Well rested, we didn't quite rise soon enough to go to see "Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar Vol. 1" but we headed down to the food court for the Chicken and Eggs booth (even through I ate at the Greek place – I got a plate of French toast and gyro meat which I could eat about 1/3 of.)

Most of the day was spent roaming around with the Shinigamis, getting pictures taken and generally just hanging out. I caught Vampire Princess Miyu and stood in the slowest sushi line in the world (I couldn't tell if the guy at the counter was placing each individual grain of rice or what but it took him like 20 minutes!). At one point, Nicka and I wandered down to the "What is up with Adult Swim" panel (the only panel we ended up going to). The AS panel was pretty goofy and extremely crowded. Pretty much just a conglomeration of conversations all going on at once. Not very constructive or organized so we left.

Then came the next big Ohayocon staff-mistake. We were planning to freshen up in the hotel room and then go wait in line for the cosplay competition. Well, the staff actually stopped people from getting into line to wait since they were afraid they'd reach capacity. Of course they didn't so we all missed part of the first few skits due to their bad planning.

The skits themselves were pretty funny for the most part, and actually, except for the aforementioned problem, it seemed to go very smoothly (except for the fact that the staff locked all the trophies in a room, causing more delay in the award ceremony). The MCs were really funny, the sound was overall ok (one think I would say is that, if the recording is bad, turning it up isn't going to help us understand what they are saying any better). There was a Naruto vs. Kingdom Hearts dance-off which I didn't think got as much recognition as it should have (the dancers were really good and kept to the music spectacularilly). The original-Naruto meets Shippuden Nartuo a'la Bill and Ted was pretty awesome too.

Strike 3 for planning (is that what we're up to??) was putting the AMVs right after cosplay and moving AMV Hell from the big room (where it's always been when I was there) to a much smaller panel room. AMV Hell draws a much bigger crowd and obviously, they reached capacity at the smaller room and had to turn people away.

It was cool that I later found out someone I know here in Oregon won the comedy AMV Category - way to go!

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