Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thank you Connie B.!

I got a hold of my landlady at around 2 p.m today. She had stopped by yesterday and saw that Donnie had gotten the lawn mower going and had mowed the lawn (and had edged with a scissors.) I caught her by phone in the grocery store, and right after she had arrived home after 2 weeks vacation. Anyway, long story short... she's letting us stay here another week!!! Yaaa! No need to impose on friends or spend $270 on a week at an extended stay hotel . Yippie!!! (NOTE: Not that I expect to be here a week! Hopefully only one or two more days...)

P.S. We have been cleaning like fiends today. We shared a box of Annie's mac and cheese and had some spinach, but it wasn't enough. Donnie just walked in the door with a pizza. Hooray!

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