Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whatever don't kill you...

What does not destroy me, makes me stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche

Why we should base anything in our own lives on the words of a German philosopher who drifted into mental illness and died of a stroke at age 56, I don't know. Maybe it's because, if we didn't have quotes from others that validate our own actions, we ourselves would go mad more quickly. I don't want to end up like Niezsche (and I think philosophers think too much and waste a lot of time), but I also want to hear that these trials each of us go through each day are for the eventual good of our bodies and character.

Okay -- so -- let's go through what's happening!

Sunday - The plan was to use this day to load up Bertha II, our 1978 Kit Road Ranger Dodge Class C motorhome:

This was the plan, even after This Happened. I had had the engine checked out by Town and Country Dodge in Wilsonville, OR on June 2. They replaced the starter for $425, then said that didn't help and the motor must be locked. I had it towed to another garage that has been working on it ever since. Well, long story short, a lot of work and parts and money later, we have ruled out the engine. It's fine. So now on Monday, they have to go back and try to fix the original electrical problem.

Two things. Someone said something rather pessimistic on line, which I now fully believe -- with cars not selling well lately, service centers are the only think keeping dealers alive. Therefore they are requiring that any vehicle that comes in should try to have at least $500 worth of work done on it to keep the business afloat. Second of all, I am just so PISSED that they mis-diagnosed the problem. I am also pissed that they didn't try to hand-turn the engine, nor did the second shop, nor did I. Urrr!

But things aren't all rotten eggs. Donnie arrived on Thursday as did is friend Dan. Dan is currently driving my car back to the Midwest and had lots of room to load up even more of our stuff since his girlfriend didn't come with him. So when we EVENTUALLY get our poor Bertha back, we will have no worries about overloading her. The cats are healthy and as happy as they can be in the circumstances. By that, I don't mean to anthropormophize them, but they are napping, one in the window and the other on my coat which is draped over my suitcase. They have been eating and using the litter box well, and Roo even played this morning with our scary jumping spider toy.

I am trying to keep myself in vacation mood, and Donnie is making it easier than one would think. The only fly in the ointment now is finding out if we still have to be out of here by July 1, in which case we may be spending our time in a pet-friendly hotel, or with pet-friendly friends! Will keep you posted.

My landlady is the best. Now it's just up to Tong at Portland Automotive to find the electrical prob and get it fixed!

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