Sunday, July 13, 2008

150 year county fair

I now live in Crawford county. The county fair was rather small, but still super fun! First, when we arrived in Gays Mills (yes, the same one that flooded only a month ago) and poked around a bit. There is an interesting log cabin park where a number of old buildings have been reassembled with signs saying what they use to be (like a chicken coup or a schoolhouse - both equally tiny.)

We arrived just as they were starting a hog auction (most were going for $1.40 - $1.70 / lb.) We looked around and were saddened by the lack of goats (I knew they wouldn't have many - I had looked ahead at the schedule and had not seen judging.) We walked around a bit and I caught this look of a horse-lover's vanity plate.

Not a goat.

We have been really pigging out lately. The fair is not the place to start a diet. Here is us posing in front of the cheese curd-mobile

We did not ride this thing. However, we did see two little girls in the last car look like they were going to die when they got off. It was a looong ride too!

Me and my friend beer.

This means nothing.

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