Sunday, August 31, 2008

Uf da. What a long day. Surprisingly.

Talked to gaming re: prizes. Covered Art Show for a while. Saw that Carl made it to his panels and took some pictures. Went and watched Antique Bakery -- ug! What a horrible show. Ugly drawings and not very funny. Talked to Aaron re: auction. Saw about two seconds of cosplay. And just got back from helping at the sake and Japanese beer tasting. Pretty fun.

Master Shake

God of War -- totally body painted. I have a better pic in 35mm

"M" om

My only picture of the costume contest. Was pretty good. Which is funny because Ohayocon is totally crazy bad -- to the point of it being much more fun to make fun of the skits than to actually watch the program.

But now I've gotta type up the auction list, and I've got a headache. And someone ripped off my David Bowie pictured from my door. So I ordered room service :-)

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