Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cleveland Revisited

DMV and I spent a long weekend with friends October 23-26. We took off early Thursday morning and, after stopping at a rest stop for a nap, rolled into town at around 4 p.m. Cruised past our old house, old places of employment, and old haunts and favorite places. I visited the Cleveland Zoo where I use to work, and that night we went to "Boo at the Zoo" to see what the old place looked like. The people I knew there are much the same, but there are many new faces. The Zoo itself is in a state of flux, but has great potential looking forward. Kinda like a lot of things right now. No elephants, no Fulton bridge but still a ton of people doing a ton of good, and having a ton of fun!

We stayed with our friends, who had a Pumpkin Carving Get-Together (wasn't a party! or a contest, as I kept slipping up and saying!) and went out with us for sushi and a scary movie (Quarrentine - had some really good scares!) We thank them greatly for their hospitality and for their cat Tokyo, who is a beefed up version of our Big Jack.

And, I got an early birthday present! Our friends are wondrous artists, and this is a creature called Pan of the species Munny:

I also recieved a Cat Ears hat, some goat horns to wear and an awesome, if somewhat macaabe spider pin (made of, you guessed it, a real spider.)

I have now traveled back to Portland Oregon for one last hurrah at my workplace as I train in the new person. I am staying in a lovely (huge!) room at the former Phoenix Inn. I'll have to take a pic tomorrow - nice etched glass with birds on it.

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