Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 Best and Worst News Stories of 2008

I couldn't find a good top ten list so thought I'd make my own.


  • Santa Shooter - it's "Silent Night Deadly Night" come to life thanks to a deranged divorcee.
  • Global Economic Meltdown - As a US taxpayer, I feel like I'm paying dollar amounts I can't even understand to gigantic companies that should know better.
  • Global oil prices - When I drove home this summer, gasoline was $5 / gal. Now it's $1.50 - and we're suppose to think this is a bad thing. WTF?
  • Flood in the Midwest - and Lake Delton draining! They're filling it back up though.
  • Middle East still a mess
  • Mugabe problems
  • Cyclone Nargis and the seeming inept response of Myanmar / Burma government
  • China earthquake - the rescue response seemed well orchestrated, but the overall impact killed almost 70,000
  • Mumbai India bombings - though the people's response was very inspiring
  • Dmitry Medvedev & Putin and the Georgia-invades-Russia-invades-Georgia situation.
(a booby prize goes to Brett Farve for un-retiring and going to the Jets. What a twit.)


  • 1/31/2008 -- Kevin Everett, NFL player for the Denver Broncos who suffered a catastrophic spinal injury during their season opener, walks onto Oprah. Amazing.
  • 7/3/2008 -- Rescue Frees Hostages from FARC. Significant due to the fact that one of the hostages was held for over 6 years, and the plan was executed very sneakily.
  • 8/5/2008 -- Large group of Western Lowland Gorilla found that had not been known to exist. Good to know there's still hope for endangered charismatic megafawna.
  • 8/11/2008 -- Jet lands safely after blowing a tire. There were many other airline stories this year, but I remember hearing about this one and being proud of the pilot and crew.
  • Missing Hikers found alive - again, there were a number of these, but I like to celebrate when someone doesn't end up dying on a mountain side.
  • COOL - country of origin labeling for meat finally implemented (with the expected loopholes.) Now if they could just find a way of keeping the plastic out of the milk.)
  • Summer Olympics - Go World! Despite all the things I don't like about China's politics, and despite the pompous metal counts, I still love the Olympics.
  • Barack Obama elected - Go USA
  • Space Shuttle lands safely - we really should celebrate every time one of these makes it back home okay, especially since after 2010 they will be retired. The Orion will take over.
  • Water Ice found on Mars - Go Solar System!

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