Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Shopping Spree!

I gave myself permission to go shopping today. Now, I am not a shopper. Far from it. I am rather fashion retarded, BUT I know how to research! After perusing the April issue of Marie Claire, I constructed a short list of trends to pursue. They include pieces inspired by:

  • "Prairie chic" including rugged jeans, turquoise and Southwestern textures (See Ralph Lauren's Saranac collection)
  • "Tailored Menswear" - girl-ified classics like jackets, vests and Ts
  • "50s housewear" such as cocktail rings, flowers and gingham (Gap's frilly top, Jcrew cardigans, Liz Claiborne blazer)
  • "Boho+ Glam" - budget "recessionista" wear - hippy peasant dresses and funky jewelry (Juicy Couture dresses and tops)
  • "Moroccan" bazaar finds like funky dresses and embroidered tops (Kensie)
  • "Country" tea time skirts, watercolor splashed bags, pretty flowered light dresses (Ann Taylor florals)

I then did a survey of my current closet to find what "timeless" items I had and what I might be able to pull out, add to or pair up with new items. I have some great black sailor pants, some good jeans and longsleeve shirts.

Finally, I set out to see what I could find. Here are the results of my travels:

Maurices: Total spent = $81
Purchased -
* Yellow, black and blue print top
* Yellow cami
* Black ruffled top
* Grey slacks
* Tan outerwear jacket

This was my first stop, and the most difficult, mainly because I knew I was going to spend the most money here. The slacks were on sale and I didn't have anything grey. It goes with everything (except brown). The top was so difficult. Maurices, at least in Prairie du Chien, runs out of syles in a day (one girl was looking for a pair of 7/8 regular black slacks and there was not a pair to be had in the store.) I have the issue of being "between sizes" (it is spring and I hope to loose those extra pounds of winter blubber soon). Still the tops were springy and fit nice.

Next stop was Dollar General, where I bought 3 camis for $20 - light blue, white and brown.

Finally and most fun, was spending $13 at "Bargain Boutique" the local thrift store. Here is what I got:
* Croft and Barrow Cardigan
* Grey vest
* Pink and green house dress
* Concrete long sleeved top
* Red paisley top
* Green and tan flowered T
* Handmade Southwestern choker
* Tan ruffled bag
* Two belts - tan with turquoise beads, brown leather
* Boho+ bag (handmade - it was priced at 10 cents!!!)
* New funky brown studded wallet
* Little brown wooden bead necklace and bracelet set

(Note: + "bohemian and hippie'")

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