Friday, April 16, 2010

Tweet-lation Re: Kick-Ass and C2E2

I don't think Ebert liked Kick-Ass. He also said that all Chicago critics panned it.

But the fans tweet:
"It lives up to it's name"
"Go see this movie"
"Kick-Ass" was pretty freaking sweet. It really crept up on me and floored me. I was head over heels by the end"
"heard the phrase "kick-tastic" more tonight then I ever have before or ever will in my life. :)"
"I fucking loved kick-ass"
"KICK ASS the greatest film ever!"
Kick-Ass reminds me once more that films can be great AND original at the same time. 5 out of 5"
Holy shit! Kick-Ass was fucking awesome!! I can't wait to see it again, and I wish the sequel came out tomorrow!!!!"
NYTimes comment: "For the sheer joy of being at the movies KICK ASS is the best film since The Sound of Music"–Paul H, Manchester, England"
Exactly what I thought. It's like... every major action star crammed into one kick ass movie!!!!"

C2E2 updates coming fast and furious on the iPhone app and at
Sadly Anthony Michael Hall will no longer be at C2E2.

One more completely unrelated thing:

Tomorrow is the start of the Madison Farmer's Market - the LARGEST producer-only farmers market in the country (which ruined me for all other farmers markets... expectation set too high.)

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