Monday, August 23, 2010

BONUS POST - chicory anyone?

On my 2 hr. drive from Mazo to LaCrosse and back I had to stop and take some pics because I am just so enamored by the gorgeousness of Wisconsin's countryside. I just found out what I always thought were bachelor's buttons are actually chicory. I want to dig some up and roast the roots! Speaking of that, I just found this blog by a fellow challenger with info about dandilion root as a coffee alternative. Gotta look into that....

Abandoned house and foundation on Hwy. K

Bluffs overlooking the Mississippi

Mighty Mississippi

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Bekah said...

Thanks for the comment and link! I've tried chicory as a coffee substitute, too, although I haven't dug it up myself. I keep meaning to. I too love the flowers (one of my favorites). I tried dried roasted chicory root from the Co-op, and it was much more bitter than either coffee or dandelion root, so I put off that project and focused on the dandelion. But, when dug fresh, it might be a totally different story, and I'd still like to try it. They say that roots dug in Spring or Fall, when frost has sweetened them, are much tastier and more vitamin- and mineral-rich.