Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 26 - Local Night in Spring Green

So on my way to the Spring Green Literary Festival's "Who is Neil Gaiman?" presentation at the Guard Theater, I stumbled upon a Thursday tradition. Local night features local food and musicians in a park downtown. A duo played a few Beatles, Edwin McCain and Train mellow melodies as I contemplated the menu. Very tempted to go with the BBQ rib that was prepared by a student at Taliesin, I opted for a plate of liver and onions. Why? Why not. The liver was slightly breaded, the onions well cooked. I washed it down with a beer from Madison's Vintage Brewery.

Breakfast: Donut
Lunch: Leftover stuffed pepper
Dinner: Cate's Farm liver and onions, pickles, baked beans, potato and a Vintage Brewery Better off Red
Snack: Apple

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