Monday, November 01, 2010

Moar Gods

The Wisconsin River on Friday morning.

In a word, it was just... Mythic.

A few choice Tweets from the American God's Weekend

"It's what Chuck E. Cheese must be like in Hell."

"Most surreal #HoTR moment: @neilhimself, standing in the Mikado Room in a Dr. Who costume, talking to a fan in a Neil Gaiman costume."


Mind Stain (from the awesome chick dressed as a "Cats" version of Bast-love you!
- And a pic of her and Neil (she really does look great.)

Cafe in the Woods Post 1
- Post 2

Meandering Streams of Consciousness blog with great links to pictures

Apex Book Co. blog.

baD kARmA INk blog about not fitting in
- and one from another attendee
- An Outsiders View - from someone who could not make it

Another Blog...from a girl lucky enough to win a ride on the carousel, and be a finalist in costume contest (however, she was down at the carousel at the time we announced costume people so missed it - however, Neil talked to her personally. "What a gent!") There are links to a photo of her in the comments.

Here is a link to the Finnish guy Jouni Koponen's blog - he did some artwork for Neverwhere.

Here's a link to Kat Mihos' Neverwear blog post.


GuyFaux video of Pam - the Anansi with Tiger's Balls - one of the costume contest winner of a carousel ride.

GuyFaux video of Neil. On his ride upon the carousel, Neil yells out, "it's just as much fun as it looks like it would be!!"

Neil, dressed as Tom Baker version of Dr. Who, walking to the Carousel.

A pic of Neil as he viewed the crowd seeing him ride the carousel for the first time.

Low Key Facebook collection of images.

A pic of a person who got a "Shadow" card from Esmerelda.

Low Key's Flicker Group!

Another Flickr group of pics - kitsune!

Moar pics! Cillic's Smugmug pics.

What happens when Death meets an Angel from Doctor Who?!"

Cheeky Neil.

Here is the band, Little Red Wolf!

Neil checks out Amy's wedding album.

More Kitsune as well as Hates and Persephone.

And these.

Other Media:

Doink! The event made it onto!

And Huffington Post!

Low Key's Facebook page.

House on the Rock Resort Facebook.

HOTR Blog.

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