Monday, November 21, 2011

Breakfast = coffee, banana bread with very sweet guava jelly, Portuguese sausage (which is a little too soft for my taste.) At some point, we acquired a ukulele.

 Click on the humuhumunukunukuapua'a above to see a cute PSA on reefs.

Time to go snorkeling! Come hell or high tide, we are going snorkeling. It’s overcast and warmly drizzly, but darn it, we gotta go.

Finally narrowed down what beach is considered “the best.” Kahaluu Beach. Means literally "diving place."
It is a drive away, but not too far. Snacked for lunch (panda cookies bought wile souvenir hunting, along with tiger’s milk bars and a shave ice Donnie tried to get to look like a brown’s helmet.)

Here are some that we saw (photos taken from a nearby sign, since we didn’t have an underwater camera:

Snorkeling is so fun. We followed some advice we got earlier, where  you are suppose to watch where people went in and out of the water, where people congregated while swimming. We edged our way in – the water is almost always the same temp as the air, so once you dip in, it’s pretty nice. And when we stuck our faces in the water, lo and behold, fish! 

That night we had some Kona beers poolside and then grabbed some Thai food – yellow curry and shrimp Tom Yum spicy soup.

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