Thursday, April 03, 2014

Wisconsin Film Fest 2014

Back on March 7, we had a little get together for former Dane101 contributors. That was one day after the Wisconsin Film Fest schedule came out. Since 2010, I have blanket-covered the festival, seeking out trailer-a-days, tweeting my p.o.v.s, interviewing, podcasting and pre- and re-viewing everything from Feeding Fish to Bellboys. With the loss of the D101 outlet, I struggle to figure out exactly what to do with my time this coming weekend.

First off, I thought I would share the movies I'm interested in attending:

Friday 4/4 --
To Be Takei - 4:30pm - Union South
R100 - 9:15pm - Sundance 6

Saturday 4/5 --
Tricked - 5:30 - Union South
Wisconsin Own shorts (rush) - 6:15- :LVM
Bucket of Blood - 9:30 - Union South

Sunday 4/6--
Kumiko the Treasure Hunter - 5:30 - Sundance 6
The Congress - 6pm - Oventure

Monday 4/7 --
The Congress - 6pm - Sundance 6

Secondly, here are some other movies I could be talked into:
Food Patriots
Rent a Family
Stray Dogs
Burt's Buzz
Wisconsin Rising
The Lumberjack at 100
Dostoevsky behind bars
Approaching the Elephant
Le Weekend
The Sacrament
The Overnighters

And finally, things seem to have come full circle, as it were. I am currently spending most of my free time promoting and helping produce The New World Horror, and upcoming Wisconsin-based, progressive-minded zombie flick staring some of my friends and yours from Madison and the surrounding area. Watch for our fliers at the fest!

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