Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 1 of First 100

I woke with a headache.
Not a great start. Coffee will make it go away, but I also had one of the worst nights of sleep I've had in a long while. Too bad. Time waits for no one.

From now through April 30, 2017 I'm tracking my first 100 days of political advocacy, but also, the first 100 days of the next 4 years. I hypothesis that this is going to be tough. I wager I do talk to all 5 of my representatives, weigh in on policy regarding my two big issues - environmental protection/green energy and birth control access, and make connections with allies to help retake the political football from our opponents past this first short burst of activism.

This may seem counter intuitive to those who want to win - showing my plans like this. But while I do believe politics needs to be conducted as if it were a game, I also believe that rules need to be agreed on and followed, goals need to be set, and if possible, plans laid out in such a way that they can be tracked and recreated and tested again if they do indeed reach the intended outcomes.

My research for this came from reading a lot of articles, some planning equipment like Alex Vermeer's 8760 hours (you can find it on line), and talking to thoughtful friends and relatives about the hazy path to the future. I thank them all.

Now - this initial post on this, my old reliable personal blog, isn't indicative of how or where my political exploits will be documented. Check out my twitter handle: goatmaiden or my newly minted political blog: or the Pirate Goat Facebook page for more.

I do have other goals not related to advocacy which include understanding a little more written and spoken Japanese and to create and share more fantastic creations, so you can watch for more tracking of those type of things here.

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