Sunday, July 02, 2017

Mobile Life

It's mornings like this - Sunday, the freaking chipping sparrow wakes me early - that I contemplate leaving my smart phone in my bedroom all day. 

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That is to say. with fewer distractions in my head, I start listing off the things I would be using my phone for and how I am completing those tasks instead (kinda like those quit smoking commercials about re-learning how to do ordinary things without cigarettes).

The first thing this year, over the past few months at least, has been "check to see if Brewers are still above .500 (i.e. more wins than losses), and still in first place in the National League Central division". This I know from listening to the game last night and hearing that the Cubs are still behind, so no need to check there (but if I did, I would click the ESPN App, click MLB, scroll to Brewers vs. XX and then click "standings")  

I would then check to see the chance of rain using my Weather Kitty App - it is usually not the most accurate, but it is the most filled with cute kitties, and kitties are my stand-by feel-good injection so that is a plus for me. But I was pretty sure there is only a slight chance of rain, and it looks like it when I peek outside, so no need to check that.

So now I am to the point of, ok, grab a cup of coffee and... then what? I have just purchased some ratchet straps and pool noodles to create a car rack for my paddleboard, to enable me the freedom to take it to the lake on my own (vs. tying it to having access to the van or getting a hitch). So I decide to concentrate on figuring out the ratchets. I briefly consider looking at YouTube for information on the ratchets, but instead trust that somewhere in the package there are instructions (although I cannot see them) and lo and behold, there are. They seem pretty straight forward, dispite me being rather confounded by their physics. I would say that at some point, if they did not exist, I would probably have come up with carabiner clips but someone else would have had to come up with ratchets as they are not intuitive to me.

So here I am - to the point of going out to put the car rack on. I've watered the lawn, watered the garden, and let the cats out, as well as checking on the hermit crabs, the fish, and my 3rd shift husband's schedule (works tonight).

The phone is still in my bedroom.

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