Sunday, January 14, 2018

PUPPYBOWL 14! 2018 - Fantasy football draft open now

puppybowl fantasy football

Welcome both new and returning GMs to the 2nd annual Unofficial Puppy Bowl Fantasy Football league!

To add enjoyment to the (already highly enjoyable) Puppy Bowl event, I once again constructed a free game for participants of all ages. No money, no prizes, no pressure - just puppies!

No cable tv needed.

Here is how it works:

1. Go to and read up on the players.

   a. I very much suggest checking out some tips from past years on how to draft, or YouTubing “Puppy Bowl Highlights” to see some trick plays and get a feel of what types of dogs typically score.

   b. Realize none of this will matter. They're puppies.

2. Are you TEAM RUFF or TEAM FLUFF? Choose one.

    a. Wikipedia’s Puppy Bowl entry states that Ruff won 2015 (first year Teams were assigned) and 2016. 2017 saw a stunning upset by Team Fluff.

3. Alright – are you ready? Pick 3 PUPPIES to be on your team. They can be from EITHER Fluff or Ruff, regardless of what team you chose to win it all.

4. Points will be awarded thusly:
- Touchdown = 7 pt.
- NEW FOR 2018 Field goal = 3 pt.
- Penalty = -2 pt.
- Winning team = 5 pt.
- MVP (most valuable puppy) = 10 pt.

5. *MOST IMPORTANT STEP!* Post your TEAM and your THREE PUPPIES on Facebook or in the comments of this blog. Also, choose your Most Valuable Puppy and post them as well!

    a. I will also have non FB players - all are welcome! I'll be in charge of posting those.

    b. You can enter your picks at any time -- up until kickoff!

6. Watch the game! Keep track of your puppy stats using this handy sheet:

    a. If you don't/ can't watch, DON'T WORRY - I will score all puppies to the best of my ability and post them after. You can then add up your points. Disclaimer: no guarantees I catch everything. (The penalties are esp. hard.)

7. Afterwards, I will post results. *Note: I am going to try to do my best to report out on the details of each puppy, but no promises on my ability to actually no this, nor my accuracy :-P Feel free to keep track of the game and post yours as well!

Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XIV (14) airs on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4, at 3 p.m. ET, just before the real game gets going.

Here is the official PB-FB =

(Note that this game is in no way shape or form endorsed by Animal Planet and no goods, services, or money will be exchanged - you win bragging rights only!)

Special note:
Puppybowl is filmed in October. If it comes to my attention that the winner/s have been leaked, I will need to shut down the game and declare a winner from those who have posted. Not that I want to, but it’s incentive to get your pics posted early!

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