Friday, June 13, 2003

The thing about the internet (and tv too I guess) is that there is no starting point. You choose your starting point, or gateway. Wether it's google, yahoo or your own personal web page, there is no defined entry point except the one you choose. This may not be ground breaking news, but even the best search is not going to be a complete index. In that way, the internet is not like the tv - where it is easy to click through even a few hundred channels. Even then, you know you will be seeing fiction or non-fiction, comedy or drama, movie or cartoon. Working on the internet is like walking through a library blindfolded. In a library, you can skim through the shelves if you don't feel like searching the card catalog for something specific. If you think you may be interested in something on redecorating your house, you know to go to the second floor to probably the 700s. If you poke around long enough, you'll probably find something. On the internet, you can't go to the "arts" section, you have to decide where to start, what to search for, what to randomly type into the address bar (try Its a bit like New York City. It is humbling in an aggrivating way.

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