Monday, June 09, 2003

Comic rant

Not as in funny, though it may be, but on comic books and comic strips and their surrounding culture. There is a book that keeps staring at me from the library shelves. They put the graphic novels right at the entrance so you can’t help but see them when you come in. Anyway, it’s called Understanding Comics and it has this little goggle-eyed guy on the front that just seems to be staring at you in a vaguely patronizing way. Once you start to read the book you’ll see that it isn’t so vague.

The author, Scott McCloud, has taken way too much of his time to explain how comics work and why they should be considered an art form. I’m not saying he doesn’t have some good things to say, but he rambles in a way that is utterly distracting and unnecessary in a genre that relies on pictures to get a point across. Pretty much he says, “comics are more than DC and Marvel.” Yes, who doesn’t know that? Probably not anyone who would pick up your book

It did make me want to start writing my comics again, thought. To resurrect Incognito, Inc., that strange universe within a universe where Rufus Incognito is an actor who plays himself in a strange mirror of his own life. Where his daydreams come to life and star all his close relations and acquaintances. Sigh. Just another thing to distract me.

I smell teriyaki.

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