Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Just gotta give kudos to the redesign of blogger. Real nice. I would love to have a link for people to leave comments (well... maybe not!) and I love the little happy/ sad/ confused etc. avataurs that livejournal has. Speaking of which, I do have a livejournal, but it's rather.... er... sparse. at the moment... (ahem!)... yes.

I am thinking of doing a major redesign of my webpage to incorporate some graphics / cartoons. There is a lot of stuff on there I think could come off too. And it gets me to thinking, maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy a web address and set up home there. But that includes expense and software and more stuff than I think I want to deal with right now. So I will continue to split my web presence between blogger and angelfire (though angelfire is pissing me off with their ad bar at the side of the screen. I use to have a geocities account until they started plastering popups all over my page!)

I am puttering around tonight. Made some mad pukka food from the Naked Chef cookbook "Happy Days" (which in a way I think is a very ironic title - I'll betcha Jamie Oliver is anything but happy with his recent venture with "Jamie's Kitchen" - I would think that would be very stressfull and the marketing folks were all probably like, "James me lad, you have to do something fun and not be so serious...") Actually, the cookbook was written after his marrige but before the birth of his kids, so that would have put it at about the right time.

Anyway, I made a milk chicken recipe (only I made it with pork chops) which had you salt, pepper, and sage the meat (and sprinkle one side with cinnamon), then fry in a bit of olive oil and butter. Dump into a pan with some squashed garlic and chunked onion, drop in some sage leaves (I used lemon verbina) and bake at 375 til done. I also made some roast potatoes - cut potatoes in half and boil until just tender. Bake in a pan with olive oil, cracked pepper and salt ('n something else? I don't remember...) Then we had salad (with lettuce from me garden! Only thing that came up. Tomorrow I should go out there and till it up and plant some more for "fall harvest" tee hee hee.  Morgan gets her kicks pretending to be a farmer!)

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