Friday, August 20, 2004

THE OHIO STATE FAIR HAD NO GOATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is this possible? I didn't know what to do. I wandered aimless past the pens of ugly pigs, the cages of sad rabbits and dirty horses (no cavies, i.e. guinne pigs, no donkeys or mules either). They were all just perepheral objects, and someone had blinded me to what I was there to seek. No goats?!?!?!? What the HELL!

I have been watching the Olympics when life permits. This has been a pretty interesting showing. I usally don't like the summer Olympics - I use to think it was all running and hurtles, like a big track meet. But since I get cable, I get to see synchronized diving! Judo! Badmitton and table tennis! Yachting! Yes, a whole hour devoted to boats sailing hurridly around the Agean sea. I watched the women's and had to turn off the men's before I went and dround myself in the bathroom sink. Okay, they aren't all as interesting as, say, watching the shotput be played in the original place it was invented or the marathon run in, duh, Marathon. And just how many ways can you play vollyball?

I am on the web, searching for knee exercizes. I blame the women's vollyball team, in fact. My knees crackle like popcorn when I bend them further than 90 degrees (even if I'm not standing). They don't hurt, but I can feel the grinding and it kinda grosses me out. I have some elastic braces which I saw being worn by girls on the Olympic team. However, they did not have the roll of fat gooshing out from the elastic like I do since they have negative body fat. So I'm thinking that I have to exercize and fix my knees at the same time, but the problem is, all the knee exercises are sooooooo booooooooring!!!

Yeh. Lots else going on. But that's all for now. Oh, there is a silly debate going on about meat-like vegetarian replacements (ckic'n patties springs to mind, but also tofudogs, quorn nuggets, and seiten strips) - how vegetarians shouldn't eat them because they are as bad as eating meat. Okay brainiacs, what about lentil loaf - isn't that just meatloaf with beans? What about portabella "burgers" - is it okay if we just call them sandwiches? What about people who like the taste of BBQ sauce (which was not invented to go over tofu anything) - is that bad? Geeze. Gimmy a break! Just eat your damn food and shut up. I would say it is more important (for the earth) to eat things that aren't doused in pestisides and are grown sustanibly. Whether they are in their simplest form or shaped into the venus de milo shouldn't matter.

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