Sunday, September 19, 2004

It is easy to self induce dreams by eating quesadillas at 1:30 a.m.

The weather has been Bahama blue beautiful outside, but I haven't had anything to do out there. It would be great weather for taking the boat out or taking a hike, but I haven't done eather lately. I am working on pulling together the Fall issue of my 'zine which feels rather futile even though it is growing and I think this issue looks pretty nice. The focus is wonky - I think it will need to change for next year to be more of a fully lit based 'zine, but having to write articles has been good for me. And the essays have been more fun than I expected. I always thought humor writing was hard, but I've just been sitting down and writing about the ironic frivolities that life throws at me. Maybe no one else finds that funny but I do.

Oh yeah those dreams. They included getting a ride home with a friend from work, stopping at an abandoned, shack-like Manhattan apartment, having poor people barge in, leaving, getting in some huge truck and driving it to a tiny bus stop where they were unloading Clydsdales.

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