Friday, March 18, 2005


Howdy - I am working on my first issue of my 'zine for this year (volume 2!!!) and have realized that I left a bunch of submissions at a friend's house. Oops. Sorry! I need them! I feel bad leaving someone's mental creations just sitting on the table like that. Hopefully he won't withdrawal his generosity (hee hee hee - that sounds dirty.) Anyway I wrote up a Annual Report 2003, so I feel I should do one for 2004, just to get me on track, even tho it's already March. There are a lot of things I am proud of myself to be working on, and one thing that I have already finished that is a step in the right direction (two things really.) So, one it's done, I'll try to remember to post it here. Some day I hope to be as famous as this guy,
but I will never be as famous as David Bowie.

Sigh - another thing. I suppose I will have admit a grudging acceptance for the technology that allows people to access the internet and their email via phone or PDA (I believe this called wireless). And my sudden change of heart? Well, it comes from the fact that I want to become more involved in The Nature Conservancy and Sierra Club meetings and volunteer opportunities (I belong to both of these organizations) . But, in order to be more ecologically sound, I had them send me emails as opposed to newsletters. Well, there is a reason I still have a Franklin Planner as opposed to a PDA - I looove paper, I love having something in hard copy form, and I can’t get away from that. So therefore, I have a hard time dealing with these newsletters and PDFs online, especially when I can only access them from my DIAL-UP home internet access. Arg!!! I will find a way. I will persever and I will acieve greatness!!!

Screw Alex - she is a self centered, self aggrandizing, Miss Priss LA painted plastic barbie whose ass I could so kick (and who I am supremely greeneyed at.) Pllllllllbbbbbbbbllllllll!!!!!!

These girls are much cooler.

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