Saturday, March 05, 2005


hELLO ... oops, yes, well, onto my second beer.
So today I was on VACATION (and yesterday) - So on Friday I slept until 10 or 11 a.m., woke up and decided to go to the West Side Market cafe for lunch. I had to do a lot of running around before that - silly to think that President's Day weekend I had sort of a 4 day weekend (I had to work Saturday night) and I got very little done- - oh yeah, I was sick with that strain of bronchial garbage. Coughing up globs of yellow... well, anyway, out of commis. So yes, yesteday I got up, took a nice bathy, then I went to
1. Library (drive through, return books)
2. Bank (drive through, get $50, have a check to cash/deposit but I think they overpaid me $100 so I'm waiting until they figure it out - I am THAT nice, shiesh)
3. Post office (had a pkg to mail, had stamps on it, but it wouldn't fit in the drop box so I actually had to go inside - I have heard its better for the environment to not use drive throughs, but I think some times the quickness outweighs the two minutes it take to run inside.)
So went to the WSMC and had coffee and an Asian steak wrap. The boy had meatloaf. His was much yummier. Dispite the fact that our server guy said that he ordered the steak wrap a lot, it was rather tastless, except for some hotness. The salad it was rolled into the wrap with was good, but didn't seem to fit very well. It needed a second dressing besides the thai peanut sauce. And the home made chips were burnt. The last really good to-go meal I had was Mo Pa To Fu from the China Garden by Marcs. And the meals I get comped from the WinkLiz (I got the Patty melt there last - onions on the side - and it was DELISHIOS!) Okay - I'll admit, tho I have just stated that I ate a steak wrap and a patty melt, I rarely eat meat. I have to have an excuse / reason. I like to think. And I especially like to think about food. That includes everything from taste, to how it was prepared and where it came from. In fact, the former two affect the previous one. Anyway, back to lunch. All the items used in preparing food at the cafe are from the West Side Market. Now even tho this market is not a Farmers' Market (like in Madison WI), these are still a lot of family businesses and an awsome atmosphere of comerce I enjoy supporting. Soo there is my excuse for meateating this time - but like I said, I was rather dissapinted with the tastlessness. My man, on the other hand (lets call him Duckie), his slabs of meatloaf were very good, and the mashed potatoes were to DIE for! Yum. So after that we went to the bank again, since Duckie had forgotten to get any money the first time. Oh, we had also bought cheese (3 year old white cheddar and some creamy sheeps milk cheese - sorry goats, plus salami and turkey meat sticks, and some water bikkies) . We went to 3 diffent resale shops looking for a radio - I got a keen tape player, but that was it. And, Savers next to Best Buy is closed! Oh well. So - then it was OFF TO AKRON! We got there soon enough, but then it took forever to find a place to stay. This is the dump we ended up in but it was tu cul because it reminded me of the palce (ontomythirdbeernow) we went to in FL long ago and far away. And it was cheep. Anywho, it was a quiet night, just me and my boy and nothing on TV. The next day (that would be TODAY) we ventured out to the Akron Zoo. I would have to say the kewlest animals (outside the goats Of COURSE) was the Sumatran tiger - just a small, lazy cat it seemed. I'm use to the Siberian giants at our Zoo (RAR - I'm HUGE!). Also of couse I like the barking deer, AKA the Reeve's muntjac. Okay, so then we went to the Quaker Towers. They took the old oatmeal factory and put stores, resteaurant and a hotel in the old grainery towers. Very cool. Well, then I came home. And I still have 2 days of vacations leflt - woo hoo!

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