Sunday, February 26, 2006

The "What Were We Thinking?!?!" Moment

... came yesterday. We realized that we could fit everything we own into the truck, car and trailer, but then weight became an issue. We had packed every box to the density of dark matter, which caused Donnie to mention the fact that the back of his truck was almost dragging on the ground. I honestly was waiting for the axel to snap as we stood there contemplating the situation. We drove it to a local tire place and had them take a look, and they assured us that, except for using a lot of gas, we would be fine. Tires would not blow etc. Also, I just went to the Uhaul site and it seems okay. I would assume people do stuff like this every day and we should not worry too much about it. Especially if we can at least get 750 miles to my parent's house to drop stuff off before heading out west.

We went back and forth as to what should come with and what should stay, and, like any crisis situation, we began to realize that it really didn't matter. So today, I will probably see if there is some other things I can leave behind in order to lighten the load, just in case.

It is snowing and sunny.

Since everything is packed, I had eggs fried in a baking pan for breakfast and toast grilled over the open flame. It's like camping.. with two cats!

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