Monday, February 20, 2006

General Housekeeping

President's Day = day off!

Actually, I took yesterday off. I woke rather late, played on the computer, wrote etc.
Dangerous things on which to waste time:

I need to get a CD player for my car before I travel (currently I have a broken tape deck in my little green Mink Car that Toyota won't fix...) otherwise I will perhaps loose my mind trying to find a tolerable radio station on my 2,000 mile trip down the Oregon Trail (hopefully I won't get typhoid or snakebite.)

I also made SOAP last night during a final meeting of the Lakewood Lather Association. My friend and I took a class on how to make lye soap from the community classes offered here. It was at her urging, but with the eventual idea that we would end up taking the "Goat Milk Soap Making" class together (the "Soap Making 101" class was a prereq). Since I am so interested in raising goats and the utilization of byproducts therfrom. However, the Goat Milk class was never offered again. Oh well. We made swirly soap last night - hope it turns out.

So today I am updating my online resume, now that I have an address and a phone number in the Portland, OR area. Also, I need to upload my 'zine (which I just realized I haven't done yet, and the spring issue is do out next month!)

Thinking about blogs, keeping in touch with people in Ohio and my family across the country, etc. Thinking about how many layers their are to people and how, before the internet, those layers were much more clearly defined. Now it is as if the pages of the book have become wet and are sticking together, words transferring to other places where perhaps they don't belong.
Thinking about how much packing I still have to do, and how this is my last week of work.
Thinking way too much. Should be doing.

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