Monday, April 10, 2006

I begin to consult the taro cards

Monday 2/27/2006 cont.

I sit in my car with the cats as Donnie and the garage dudes contemplate how to get the small, white trailer into the back of the Uhaul. I own a taro deck called Taro of the Cat People. It’s pretty much full of new-agie crapola. The drawings are interesting, but the artist has gone way insane in describing the “world” that these cat-warrior people live in (they eat nothing but blue green algae for instance). But the basis for cards as fortune telling still intrigues me, as do palm and tea readings. So on a whim, I consult them.

Three of Cups - Resolution of a Problem.

I glance over at the Uhaul, truck, boat, trailer conglomeration. There is only one ramp leading up into the Uhaul’s storage area (meant for one person with a dolly to walk up and down), not two, and so the only way to get the trailer into the back is to hoist it up with a forklift. The garage guy’s forklift can lift it high enough to make it into the back, but the fork tines are not long enough to reach from one side of the trailer to the other to lift it up with any amount of stability. When they try, the trailer almost tips over. So, in some physics-defying bout of planning, they jack up the hitch side of the trailer and brace it with logs as they inch by inch bring the wheels closer to rolling into the back of the truck.

I wish I had a photo of this but honestly, I fell the guys would have dumped the trailer on me had I gotten closer. I guess the word had gotten out that all the stuff in the trailer was mine.

After almost another hour, the trailer rolls into the back. Donnie and I pay the guys off for their work (Tim tried not to accept, believe it or not. I paid the guy who was at the desk in the first place who had the misfortune of offering to help load the trailer a little extra) and we hop into the back to secure the thing.

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S. said...

Taro = a versatile tuber

Yeah - that's not what I meant. It would be funny to make a taro deck tho - carve it into playing cards.

Ha ha... maybe not....