Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday 2/27/2006 cont.

We are not done accepting help yet. First, a guy offers help to us when I am struggling to latch the auto-transport to the back of the Uhaul (he actually does no better than me - the screw was threaded wrong and it takes Donnie and a pipe wrench to get it unstuck.) Then, finally, we are ready to load the truck.

We pull the Uhaul over to a flat, level surface. Donnie pulls the limping pickup over and tries to line up the tires. To me, it looks like the ramps onto the back of the auto transport are way too wide. We both bite our lips as, in fourth gear, Donnie tries to load the truck.

Half way up the ramp, the engine dies.

He can’t get it started again.

He looks at me with utter and complete hopelessness in his eyes. I never want to see that look again.

I head on back to Tim’s lobby, sure the guys are going to bite my head off or throw something at me when I tell them what’s up. Instead, they too heave a great sigh, bite their lips, furrow their brows, and follow me out.

They assess the situation as I huddle in my car with the cats and my camera. I try to imagine what they will do - will they try to push the thing up the ramp? No, Tim pulls around with his front end loader and a chain.

FINALLY, we get everything loaded. Tim and his buddy disappear. Donnie and I strap the front wheels of the truck down. We are so ready to get back on the road.

3:53 - Back on the road.

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