Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hard to think right now. Exhausted. Tired. Cats roaming the hotel room.
I need to relax by writing. Instead I get sucked in by the TV.
You really learn stuff on the road. Hard stuff. Stuff like people learn in movies. Friendship, romance, chatting with evil leprechauns that have hearts of gold, worrying about purse snatching do gooders chatting guys up guys in the pool.
I was thinking of the fable about the grasshopper and the ants. How the grasshopper fiddled away and danced through the spring and summer and into the harvest season, while the ants toiled and worked just so they would survive through the winter. I think of how I really didn’t plan that much in moving - I just fiddled and had parties and went out to restaurants leading up to our day of departure. It made the hard times very hard, but in a way, I am glad I had fun leading up to them. If I had just been stressed out and sad the whole time, what fun would that have been? Stupid ants.

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