Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!

Sorry for the long absence. I would like to pick the story of the 3000 mile roller coaster back up but first, I am excited to announce that we have found a house to rent! It is an awesome little cottage in the part of Portland called Sellwood. I can't wait to get in and start messin' with the place. It is very quirky and has a lot of potential. The yard needs some work (aside from ripping it all out and starting anew, I'm thinking at lease some container gardening in the front flowerbed is in order.) It is closer to my job and closer to Downtown, and there is a lot of stuff within walking distance (river, cemetary, grocery store, post office, bar etc.)

It will just be nice to unpack - finally.


Nor Sis said...

Wow! Bushy but cute is how I would describe the pic. Is there a garage for the boy? Fenced in for the cats at all? Email me more pics but good to see you in a house :) see ya

drunkdude69 said...

Well, congratulations! Looks like a scruffy version of Lakewood. I hope the Duck has a garage to play around in. And maybe an old lawnmower engine to turn into a go-cart.