Monday, January 07, 2008

Hello everyone! Today is Monday and I am not at work. It is so lovely I can’t stand it. I am writing you from the Beer Staub bar on Mount Hood in Oregon, in the West Ski Bowl snow park cozied up as I am beneath a fuzzy TV showing college football (go Buckeyes) while a David Bowie cover plays in the background. The Mt. Hood Ice Ax beer is helping as well to add a mellowness to the whole atmosphere.

I am recovering from 10 days of travel and fun. During my travels from Portland Oregon, to Minneapolis, to Milwaukee, to Detroit, to Columbus, and back again, I kept a notebook and have transcribed the highlights below. I've created posts specific to the days, so if you want to read the experience in its entirety, start from Dec. 28.

Despite the fact that I am now ill with a headcold, it held off until I got back here, a blessing I much appreciate. As stated, I'm at the ski resort, DMV is snowboarding at the much reduced night rate, and I am psychologically getting ready for getting back to real life and a new year. If I could say one thing about the coming 2008 (eight is my favorite number) its that I am looking forward to it. My mind is clean, my thoughts are pure and as much as I am always learning and discovering, I am ready to put some of my decisions into my everyday living.

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