Friday, January 18, 2008


Ooh – post from December is up (see below).

I have learned that My Razr phone that I use through T-mobile has a SIM card which allowed it to be instantly activated and will let me transfer my data to another phone. It is also the best phone to use internationally. However, it cannot be used as a modem for my computer. Oh poo. But I think I can email from it, but it would cost $5.99 per month.

However, I can post to a Twitter account from it. I want to find a way to widget Twitter into my webpage. That is, integrate it into my web page like this. I would not be surprised if widgets (bits of code to do certain things on certain websites – like search widgets for pages) are the wave of the future, with people combining all of their log-ons into one experience. I know I would like that – if I didn’t have to log into Photobucket to dump my images, to post costume pics for people to search, DeviantArt for images of my artwork, MySpace to post bulletins to my friends, to purchase a book or write a review etc. – my life would be so much simpler. Honestly, when I start to list all the passwords I have in my head (besides ones for the pages above I have Yahoo, Blogger, Live Journal and more), it’s amazing I remember anything.

Oh – one more discordant note to post re: Twitter: every time I have tried to send something via my phone, I have to try at least twice to get it to go through – too busy or the site is down. What a pain. I guess if I had a Blackberry-type device, I wouldn’t need to send, I could just tap out a blog posting from the (to quote the signature from one of the people I work with) “chicklet- like” keyboard.

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