Thursday, June 26, 2008

My house echoes it's so empty

I tried packing the trunk of my car last night and everything fit except for three things. I weighed the stuff as I put it in and it weighted 220 lbs. Minus about 40 lbs that didn't fit. I also weighed most of the stuff for the RV - up to about 325 before adding weight for the live beings - Donnie, the cats and I. Bertha has a GVW of 10,500 so we should be okay.

I wish I had had time to put news tires on her front, but with all the other stuff we had to get done, I just didn't have time.

Well, technically it's only Thursday.

I will be working from home for the next months, away from the sushi and the North West brews and the nightlife of Portland. Instead, I will be about two hours from the closest metro area, 5 hours away from my friend Kristina, and surrounded by small-town and farmland. My grocery store - Dick's Piggly Wiggly. Instead of the Willamette it will be the Mississippi, instead of Deschutes it will be Leinenkugel. But Donnie and I have always lived in very "small town" like suburbs. Lakewood, Oh, Sellwood, Or. So I don't think it will be that huge a culture shock. But we'll see.

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