Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yard Sale!

So this past weekend, I held my yard sale. It was more of a junk sale -- most of the things Donnie and I had here were stuff we got second hand. I decided early on that I didn't want to spend my time labeling things 5 cents when the sticker I would use to label cost more than that, so I just posted signs that everything not marked was 25 cents. Then I marked mostly furniture and a few other items -- the most expensive thing was the couch, chair, footstool set from Ikea for $75. Well, it was originally from Ikea, I got it second hand from a friend's ex. But that's beside the point. I actually was talked down to $65 (I erred on the side of "get it out of my house") -- and they still tried to return it! Oh well. Overall we made $211 and I only had 6 bags and 9 small boxes of stuff to get rid of (and a few random little furniture bits.)

Okay, sounds like a lot, but really, what I ended up doing was putting everything on my porch and setting up with the VVA: to pick it up. They came on Monday and made it all disappear!

This was all we had to get rid of. I only had a few extra bags of trash on Monday as well.

The kitties after a hard day of rummage sailing -- actually being locked in the bedroom while people took stuff from the house! They have been through so much with packing and Donnie being gone over the past few weeks that they were just like "oh, you got rid of everything. I guess that's cool." Then they rolled their eyes at me and went to sleep.

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