Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eating dinner with Leahy's last night

Dinner with our lovely landlord and lady, Steve and Cathy Leahy. Rebecca was in town from Portland and we had brats, pasta salad, baked beans, Bud Light from September 2007 (they don't drink a lot of beer) and watermelon. For desert, chocolate and butterscotch chip bars. Then we sat outside and braved the swarms of gnats and petted the old dogs, Abby and Brandy, and talked about everything from Alzheimer's disease to monkeys in trailers (conversation topics which are connected by a lady who breeds champion poodles, believe it or not...) .

One of the coolest places I have found here so far is Starks. I don't know if you can buy a gun and a six pack on the same visit, but if ever you could, this is the place. They sell 600+ varieties of wine AND 300 hp. outboard boat motors. And fishing lures. And of course cheese.

Note: goes without saying. Every place sells local cheese. Even the gas station.

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lena said...

Hi Goatmaiden!

I am anxious to read details of your trip. I read the blog entry about your next RV. Renovating an older RV can be great fun and hard work. We finally completed ours and we are officially on the road - currently in a state park in SC. When we head your way, we'll contact you so we can get together. Hope all is well!

~ lena at No Destination