Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mah second day at work

Supposedly Prairie got two inches of rain in 43 minutes. Woah.

I have to have the cable guy come today so I'm heading over to the cafe before work to check my email.

At Cafe:

Pretty nice. Big and open. Wooden tables. Good latte. I also got something called a cobblestone muffin which has apple slices and is very yummy.


I sent these pics to people at work, telling them about my trip:

Our chariot

Donnie the bus driver

Sarah the cowgirl (that's my hat from Australian Adventure)

Roo enjoys some sun

Jackie Chan stowed for departure

Got a new (working) headset. My computer however, is from 2002 and is not very nimble. I just realized that I have a .pst file where I keep all my old email (since 2006) and it's nearly 5 G (5,000,000 kb). Yeah, that ain't helping any. So tonight when I'm off line I'm gonna try to break it into smaller bits so I can search it more easily.

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