Monday, July 07, 2008

Norah and Brian's anni!

Well, I think my first day working remotely went well. Not too many snafus. Although my headset / mic setup stopped working. That is, the mic is so quiet it's really annoying. Sounds like I'm talking underwater. And because I bought it at a Fry's in OR (there aren't any out here) I can't really return it (plus I didn't bring the packaging with me.) There's a radio shack in town I can check at, and I'll also contact Logictech (already did all the troubleshooting and cranked all the volume way up.)

I realized I went over my cell minutes this month. Whoops. Norah said to call and change it and they'd probably forgive me this month, so that's good. I still am not sure if I will need to get a new cell phone for work, or if my current one (or a combo of my current one and my online phone) will work. T-mobile supposedly has good coverage, and you can use them overseas, but other than that, they don't have many other services that interest me.

I visited Nor, by the way. One year ago we were marching down the isle. Actually, by this time we were dancing the night away! Nor said she and Brian haven't watched the wedding video from that day yet, which I think is funny but understandable. It was a really big production, and a lot of times, after a big production, you just want to tear down the scenery and move on.

Really big storm today /tonight. Lots of thunder-boomers and lightning.

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