Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our first day of rest

Today we got up leisurely, and let me tell you, what a thrill. The house is pretty much still in shambles, but we spent some time to put things at least slightly in order. The house has a tiny bathroom, but it has a good sized medicine cabinet that absorbed a lot of stuff, the same with the kitchen - lots of storage space. The cats have already found the highest cupboards to leap into and look down at us from. They have also discovered they can hide behind the fridge and make us freak out, thinking they somehow got outside.

One great thing about this place is AIR CONDITIONING. It's the first house we've ever had that has it. So nice, being that it has been pretty hot. But, it's summer and is to be expected.

There was a pretty decent thunderstorm tonight, with lighting. Really glad I have wireless, but also kinda creeped out. Just doesn't seem like it should work. But hey, can't get a power surge through the air.

Donnie and I took some time this afternoon to explore (after a nap, some food, and another nap.) We walked down to the very small (one produce stall + some flee market booths) Farmer's Market. We bought a watermelon, corn on the cob, zucchinis, and strawberries. Then we visited the Tourism office and picked up oodles of brochures. Donnie tried to ask the lady there where to get a recycle bin and couldn't get a streight answer. He got a post it with a list of about 4 names and phone #s on it. Also, there is a statue standing on a pedestal outside the office and he asked what was up with it -- it's Father Marquette and the pedestal is dated 1910, the statue 1970 the dedication has a different date, and supposedly there is a time capsule holding dirt from Michigan where he died. ???

Then we stumbled upon Valley Fish and Cheese - a funky, touristy building decorated with all sorts of river town crap - nets, signs, boat motors. Still, inside, they had free samples of everything from smoked carp to snapping turtle sausage. I went home with some perch and a round of local feta style goat cheese. As we walked away, we could see the owner dude slathering some freshwater creature with marinade in the back smoke house.

Finally, we ended up having to go shopping at the local grocery store. We ended up at, you guessed it, Piggly Wiggly.

Our first meal together in our new place was potatoes, corn on the cob, stuffing, roast lemon pepper chicken and cranberry sauce.

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