Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sipping coffee and listening to, first of all, to CBS Sunday Morning, where Bill Geist interviewed the guys from "Catch a Piece of Maine" - a lobster trap "adoption" company that has made a pretty good business selling "added value" product and a close personal relationship with the people that catch the lobster. Nice idea which is going to have to be reflected in other walks of commerce since people (thanks to the internet, cellphones etc.) expect instant gratification and one-on-one attention. Seems like they're getting a lot of attention. I had to link to something other than their real website since it seems to be suffering from too many hits.

Also listening to a little news (wondering how KH is dealing with all those Republicans in Minnesota right now).

Can't get the iron in my room to work. :-/

I'd like to go down to the pool for a bit (since my room doesn't have a bathtub!) but it doesn't open until 10. Nothing I really have to do until the Dark Horse panel at 2:30. I have to check in w/ Aaron on the auction stuff. And really, except for filling in a couple of places where needed, I'm happy to keep it at that. Now that Bawls is gone, as Industry Manager, there isn't much I have to deal with.

Kinda sad I missed the very first opening ceremony video yesterday (hear it was good) - I saw Mike thank the sponsors which was great, and saw the Anime Hunters skit. Pretty funny stuff. Missed AMVs. May get to see some cosplay.

Saw Natsume Yuujinchou outside of con. Pretty nice -- story about a boy who can see yokai; Japanese spirits. He has to return the names of the spirits his grandmother stole that are all in a book. If a yokai got a hold of the book, they could control all of those who's names are in it. The boy has a spirit "sensei" he has unwittingly released. The spirit - stuck in the form of a cat and so called "master kitty" (who is named Madara according to one blog) - is helping him since if the boy dies, he has promised to give the kitty the book.


The show is based on a manga, which leads into something interesting I heard yesterday. One of the industry guests was saying this movie was made and then the production company commissioned a graphic novel of the movie. But they decided to put the comic out first and then the movie, since people respect a movie made from a comic more than a comic rendition of a movie. Goes with manga as well - the supply chain goes Manga / Comic --> M ovie --> Merchandising. Very tricky.

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